1.  Aspire to the highest standards of the profession and develop competence;

2. Facilitate networking of Oromo Science and Technology professionals in Oromia and abroad to share knowledge and experiences;

3. Set up seminars and discussion forums to encourage those that are not practicing their Science and Technology profession to refresh their knowledge and get them updated;

4.  Collaborate with other international Engineering and Science societies;

5. Develop and support Science and Technology related projects that can provide the economic development of the Oromo society;

6. Support education in the Engineering and Science areas (support the design and development of different levels of curriculum and courses for both undergraduate/ graduate studies and for practitioners);

7.Organize conferences, seminars, workshops to discuss on different topics to facilitate the dissemination of new research results and find practical ways of making it useful for the Oromo society;

8.  Organize multidisciplinary courses/seminars to refresh and update knowledge where it looks fit;

9.   Develop and use different media (Radio, TV, Internet etc.) to disseminate knowledge;

10. Organize different levels of publications (Scientific journals, Brochures, Books etc.);

11.Encourage and facilitate young engineers to pursue advanced level education (help find scholarships for MSc and PhD studies);

12. Help the growth of entrepreneurial culture among Oromo Engineering and Technology graduates and practitioners;

13.Organize and deliver modern health education and health care services in rural places by cooperating with local communities.